A Cost Analysis for Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility in Texas

Right on Crime | March 14, 2017
Texas’ House Committee on Juvenile Justice and Family Issues recently heard testimony from stakeholders and the public on House Bill 122, a bill which would “raise the age” of criminal…

Incentivizing Results: Lessons From Other States’ Probation Funding Formula Reforms and Recommendations to Texas Lawmakers

Right on Crime | January 31, 2017
This paper will examine Texas’ current adult probation funding formula, the successes of other jurisdictions moving toward an incentive-based funding initiative, and policy recommendations for Texas lawmakers.

Texas’ Regionalization of the Juvenile Justice System

Right on Crime | January 31, 2017
This report, by former policy analyst Dianna Muldrow, considers the reasons behind Texas’ recently passed regionalization plan for juvenile offenders, and the extent to which the plan as released…

New Prosecutorial Perspectives: A Framework for Effective Juvenile Justice

Derek M. Cohen | December 9, 2016
Prosecutors arguably are the most pivotal actors in the criminal justice system. The most potent decision point in the criminal justice process—whether or not to bring formal charges against…

Rebutting Common Myths of Civil Asset Forfeiture

Derek M. Cohen | December 9, 2016
The status quo of civil asset forfeiture in Texas persists due to common myths surrounding the practice and its prospective elimination. Those myths, while false, warrant discussion.

Balancing the Scales of Due Process: The Conservative Case for Grand Jury Reform in Texas

Greg Glod | November 8, 2016
This paper discusses the history of the American grand jury system, Texas’ grand jury system, areas within the status quo where procedural safeguards do not properly protect the liberties…

Watchmen or Warfighters? A Conservative Proposal for Limiting Military-Grade Weapons Sent to States

Right on Crime | August 31, 2016
In this new report for the Center for Effective Justice, Derek Cohen, Greg Glod, and Michael Haugen examine the Department of Defense’s 1033 program, which provides surplus military equipment—including weaponry—to…

School Discipline in Texas: Past, Present, and Future

Right on Crime | August 30, 2016
In this new white paper for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, our analyst Dianna Muldrow examines school discipline practices in Texas, arguing that despite recent improvements—such as decriminalizing truancy—the…

Accuracy in Criminal Records

Right on Crime | July 22, 2016
In this new report for the Center for Effective Justice, policy analyst Dianna Muldrow discusses the need for accuracy in criminal records, as a lack thereof can have adverse…

Texas’ Mandatory Sentencing Enhancements

Derek M. Cohen | June 14, 2016
A policy product of the general “get tough on crime” era, sentencing enhancements enjoyed a great deal of bipartisan political support during the early 1980s through the late 1990s.…

Asset Forfeiture by Texas Law Enforcement

Derek M. Cohen | April 7, 2016
While the abstract debate on civil asset forfeiture remains hotly contested in Texas, two elements often omitted from the discussion is “how much,” and “where” the practice takes place.…

Right on Crime’s Journalists’ Guide to Federal Sentencing Reform

Joe Luppino-Esposito | March 10, 2016
Federal criminal justice reform may be the most important legislation that emerges from Washington, D.C. in 2016. Policymakers on both sides of the aisle have expressed a desire to…
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