Without Due Process of Law, The Conservative Case for Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

Derek M. Cohen | February 17, 2016
There is little dispute among the conservative movement that criminals who would threaten the safety of our communities deserve to be divested of the fruits of their illicit enterprise.…

Overincarceration Of People With Mental Illness

Right on Crime | June 3, 2015
In a new white paper for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, mental health policy fellow Kate Murphy and policy intern Christi Barr present some of the myriad issues attendant…

Perspective: The True Cost of Inadequate Community Reintegration of State Jail Offenders in Texas

Right on Crime | May 29, 2015
In a new policy perspective published at the Texas Public Policy Foundation today, some of the consequences of ineffectively reintegrating offenders back into society upon completion of their sentence…

Bringing Balance to Pretrial Proceedings: Solutions for Early Representation of Indigent Defendants

Marc Levin | May 1, 2015
Introduction In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in Texas prison reform. Prison, however, is just one component of the criminal justice system. It is jails,…

Success of Justice Reinvestment Becoming Indisputable

Derek M. Cohen | January 27, 2014
A new report released today by the Urban Institute highlights the efforts of states to reduce their prisoner count, crime rates, and impact on their budgets. The Justice Reinvestment…

CQ Researcher: Sentencing Reform

Right on Crime | January 10, 2014
In a report published by CQ Researcher, Marc Levin is interviewed about ROC and its efforts to rehabilitate offenders so that they may have successful re-entries to society. “…the…

The Comeback and Coming-from-Behind States

Right on Crime | December 18, 2013
  New report from the Texas Public Policy Foundation and National Juvenile Justice Network: The conclusion of the Comeback States report made a case that additional reductions in youth…

The “Mens Rea” Component Within the Issue of the Over-Federalization of Crime

Right on Crime | November 11, 2013
John S. Baker Jr., William J. Haun of the Federalist Society discuss the Task Force on Overcriminalization’s re-consideration of “the wisdom of enacting so many federal criminal laws.” Click…

Criminalizing America: How Big Government Makes a Criminal of Every American

Right on Crime | November 8, 2013
“An estimated 4,450 federal crimes and 300,000 federal regulations attach criminal sanctions and penalties to everyday activities average Americans and business owners have little way of knowing are crimes.…

New sentencing study released in Louisiana

Derek M. Cohen | October 29, 2013
Today, the Reason Foundation, in conjunction with the Pelican Institute for Public Policy and the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Center for Effective Justice, has announced the release of “Smart…

State criminal justice reforms in action

Right on Crime | October 17, 2013
This new ROC infographic gives the facts about criminal justice in Texas and proves that our reforms are effective. Check out the infographic below and and click here to…
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