Georgia passes juvenile justice reforms

Right on Crime | July 29, 2013
The Georgia House recently passed a juvenile justice reform bill which will save an estimated $85 million over five years and “reduce recidivism by focusing on out-of-home facilities on…

ROC signatory George Kelling’s “broken windows” policy implemented in Detroit

Right on Crime | July 29, 2013
The new “broken windows” policing policy in Detroit, developed in partnership with the Manhattan Institute, has demonstrated a double-digit reduction in crime in the first twelve months. “In the…

New infographic shows Oregon needs reform

Right on Crime | May 22, 2013
Find out why Oregon’s criminal justice system needs to be reformed! Read more

New Cascade Policy Institute paper on criminal justice reform in Oregon

Right on Crime | April 3, 2013
Check out the brand new paper released by the Cascade Policy Institute in Oregon. It’s entitled, “Protecting Public Safety and Reducing Correctional Costs in Oregon.” Here is an excerpt:…

Texas Prisons from 1845 to 2011

Right on Crime | March 21, 2013
Check out this great graphic on the number of Texas prisons from 1845 – 2011.
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