Results-Oriented Solutions for Probation Funding

Right on Crime | May 3, 2019
Right on Crime policy analyst Michael Haugen examines various performance-based probation funding models across the country, which base their formulas upon the ability of probation departments to expand supervision…

Watch: Criminal Justice Reform in Illinois

Katie Greer | May 22, 2018
After someone serves their time and pays their debt to society, the government should not swat down their attempts to pursue a productive path. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened…

New Illinois Bill Providing Greater Sentencing Flexibility, Trauma Recovery Services Heads to Governor’s Desk

Right on Crime | January 20, 2017
This post was written by Right on Crime research associate Jace Waechter. On Tuesday, the Illinois Senate passed a bill giving judges more sentencing alternatives for non-violent offenders and began the…

Illinois’ Stubbornly High Recidivism Rate, And A Lesson From Texas

Michael Haugen | August 13, 2015
In a new Huffington Post column yesterday, Hilary Gowins points out that Illinois has been lagging behind other states recently in its inability to roll back a stubbornly high…

Illinois Criminal Justice Crossroads

Right on Crime | October 3, 2014
Even acknowledging the change in dialogue for both parties about criminal justice reform, many states still have a long way to go. Illinois is at a crossroads, poised to…

WTTW PBS Chicago – Marc Levin Testifies at an Illinois Joint Criminal Justice Reform Committee

Right on Crime | September 24, 2014
Right on Crime Policy Director Marc Levin testified at an Illinois State Joint Criminal Justice Reform Committee hearing this week. WTTW11 PBS Chicago shares Levin’s testimony specifically related to…
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