Together, We Can Make Mississippi Safer and Reentry-Ready

Scott Peyton | September 9, 2021
Tackling the complexities of reentry is an issue facing Mississippi—as well as every other state in our nation. As I testified this week before a Mississippi State Legislature joint…

Innocent Mississippians shouldn’t have to worry about having their cash or property taken

Katie Greer | October 19, 2018
Mississippi has repeatedly made headlines for reining in civil asset forfeiture, a practice that allows government agencies to take cash or property from citizens under mere suspicion. Despite efforts…

This bill can save Mississippi big time

Katie Greer | April 6, 2018
Being born in Texas and raised in Mississippi, I never know how to answer the question, “Where are you from?” Answering anything but “Texas” in the Lone Star State…

Right on Crime applauds Mississippi Legislature for passing criminal justice reform

Right on Crime | March 16, 2018
Austin, TX – Right on Crime applauds the Mississippi legislature for sending meaningful criminal justice reform to Governor Phil Bryant’s desk. This legislation helps make Mississippians safer while also…

Bills promote recovery, rehabilitation over jail

John Koufos | March 8, 2018
This article by John Koufos originally appeared in the Clarion Ledger March 7th, 2018.  When I was invited to Mississippi to meet with policy leaders and discuss productive ways…

Despite Being ‘Innocent Owners’, Third Parties Still Feel Bite of Civil Forfeiture Laws

Michael Haugen | August 5, 2016
From over at Mississippi Watchdog comes another story whereby an innocent third-party property owner is finding themselves at the mercy of overly broad asset forfeiture laws—statutes intended to aid…

Mississippi HB 585: Recommendations of the Corrections and Criminal Justice Task Force

Right on Crime | April 8, 2014
Why does Mississippi need HB585? Mississippi’s prison population has grown by 17 percent in the last decade, topping 22,600 inmates last year. The state now has the second-highest imprisonment…

Governor Phil Bryant: Mississippi Legislature Votes to Adopt “Right on Crime” Criminal Justice Reform Measures

Right on Crime | April 4, 2014
The following statement was released by Governor Phil Bryant regarding Mississippi’s package of criminal justice reforms. JACKSON—House Bill 585, Mississippi’s package of criminal justice reform measures, has passed the…

ROC signatory Tony Perkins appaluds Mississippi reforms

Right on Crime | April 1, 2014
Tony Perkins, Right on Crime signatory and President of the Family Research Council released a statement commending Governor Phil Bryant for his “leadership on sentencing reforms.” “This reform measure…

Right on Crime legislation passed in Mississippi

Right on Crime | April 1, 2014
MS passes sweeping legislation that puts the state on the road to reforming their criminal justice system. Read more

Right on Crime Signatories Applaud New Criminal Justice Reform Bill Passed by Mississippi Legislature

Right on Crime | March 28, 2014
Right on Crime Signatories Applaud New Criminal Justice Reform Bill Passed by Mississippi Legislature Several of the prominent conservative leaders who serve as signatories to the Right on Crime…

David Keene: “Corrections reform plan right for Miss.”

Right on Crime | February 28, 2014
From Right on Crime signatory David Keene: Like most conservatives, I believe government’s top priority should be keeping its citizens safe. I also believe we can be smarter about…
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