“GOP seeks to skirt danger on prisons”

Right on Crime | January 19, 2014
In this AP article, Right on Crime’s policies are touted for “holding prisons accountable for the dollars they spend.”

Miss. Leaders Examine Ways to Reduce Prison Costs

Right on Crime | October 31, 2013
Democrats and Republicans in Mississippi call for a “more effective and less expensive” criminal justice system.

Bryant, Hood team up on justice issues

Right on Crime | October 31, 2013
In Mississippi, there is bipartisan support to change the state’s criminal justice system.

Mississippi Leaders Work to Reduce Prison Costs

Right on Crime | October 30, 2013
“Mississippi leaders are pledging bipartisan cooperation to make the state’s criminal justice system more effective and less expensive.” Click here to read the whole article.

Engulfed by Environmental Crimes

Right on Crime | January 28, 2013
The Texas Public Policy Foundation recently released a report on overcriminalization which I co-authored with my Right On Crime colleague, Marc Levin. The report, titled Engulfed by Environmental Crimes:…
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