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Despite Popular Support For Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform, Significant Obstacles Do Exist

Michael Haugen | July 9, 2015
Over at the Daily Signal, Jason Snead provides a recap from the recent policy primer covering civil asset forfeiture put on by Right on Crime and Americans for Tax…

Civil Asset Forfeiture: Undue Process and Overdue Reforms

Michael Haugen | June 30, 2015
Last Friday, Right on Crime, in partnership with Americans for Tax Reform, held a policy primer in Washington, D.C. titled “Civil Asset Forfeiture: Undue Process and Overdue Reforms,” discussing various aspects…

New Mexico’s HB560 – Property: Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

Right on Crime | March 16, 2015
Across the country people are becoming more and more aware of asset forfeiture and the conflict that it has with individual rights. Asset forfeiture – whether criminal or civil…

New Mexico’s road to getting right on crime

Right on Crime | January 27, 2014
Paul Gessing, President of the Rio Grande Foundation, sat down with KNAT TV to discuss New Mexico’s criminal justice system and how it can be improved.   Click here…

ROC signatory Hal Stratton argues for reform of NM criminal justice system

Right on Crime | December 3, 2013
When Hal Stratton became the first Republican since 1928 to win the race for New Mexico attorney general in 1986, he ran on a “tough on crime” platform. Now a private…

“Trying to get to ‘… and justice for all’”

Right on Crime | December 1, 2013
Capitol Report New Mexico covered Right on Crime’s testimony before the NM Criminal Justice Reform Subcommittee, quoting Jerry Madden as he distinguished between non-violent and violent offenders. “[Non-violent criminals are]…

“Subcommittee discusses reform of criminal code”

Right on Crime | November 26, 2013
The New Mexican re-caps Jerry Madden’s testimony before New Mexico’s Criminal Justice Reform Subcommittee, noting that both Democrats and Republicans agreed that “the focus of the criminal justice system…

Jerry Madden testifies before the New Mexico Legislature

Right on Crime | November 26, 2013
ROC’s Jerry Madden will testify before the New Mexico Legislature’s Criminal Justice Reform Subcommittee on November 26 at 10AM CT. Click here to listen live.

Rio Grande Foundation: Free Market Think Tank Offers Criminal Justice Reform Ideas in Advance of First Criminal Justice Subcommittee Meeting

Right on Crime | November 25, 2013
Right on Crime, along with the Rio Grande Foundation, are impacting New Mexico criminal justice policy. The full press release can be viewed by click here.

Lawmakers launch rewrite of N.M. criminal laws

Right on Crime | October 29, 2013
New Mexico Legislature forms a Criminal Justice Reform Committee with the aim to re-write the state’s criminal code. Read the full story here.

Vikrant Reddy on Denial of Cert in ‘Saint Joseph Abbey v. Castille’

Right on Crime | October 16, 2013
In this National Review Online article, ROC policy analyst Vikrant Reddy discusses the ruling of Saint Joseph Abbey v. Castille, a case about the unlicensed sale of a funeral…
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