South Dakota

My Voice: SB73 made ‘lemonade out of lemons’

Marc Levin | March 16, 2018
This article by Marc Levin and President of the Great Plains Public Policy Institute, Ron Williamson, originally appeared in Argus Leader, March 16th, 2018. Governors from the around the…

Gov. Daugaard Signs Juvenile Justice Overhaul in South Dakota

Right on Crime | March 13, 2015
South Dakota, a state with one of the highest rates of juvenile incarceration, has just taken some meaningful action on the subject, as Senate Bill 73 – the Juvenile Justice Public…

In State of the State Addresses, Conservative Governors Highlight Criminal Justice Reform

Right on Crime | March 3, 2015
This winter, Governors’ across the country are making their State of the State address, summing up past accomplishments and highlighting the priorities that they hold for their administrations. After…

Gingrich: Remaking South Dakota’s Juvenile Justice System

Right on Crime | February 2, 2015
Right on Crime signatory Newt Gingrich takes to the South Dakota press to promote reform for that state’s juvenile corrections system. His piece appeared in the Sioux Falls Argus-Leader, and…

S.D. crime rate, prison population on the rise

Right on Crime | January 4, 2014
A national analysis shows that South Dakota’s crime rate rose higher than any state in the nation during the five years leading up to the passage of a massive…

State criminal justice reforms in action

Right on Crime | October 17, 2013
This new ROC infographic gives the facts about criminal justice in Texas and proves that our reforms are effective. Check out the infographic below and and click here to…

Vikrant Reddy: “Three myths about conservatives and criminal justice”

Right on Crime | October 11, 2013
Vikrant Reddy details 3 myths about conservatives and criminal justice – and proves why they aren’t true. Read the whole article here.

Reddy: Criminal justice reforms in Texas can set tone for U.S.

Right on Crime | August 23, 2013
In this Houston Chronicle op-ed, Vikrant Reddy discusses U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s criminal justice reforms, saying “This is an area where the Obama administration is following, not leading.”

Levin & Reddy: Conservatives Welcome Eric Holder to the Criminal-Justice-Reform Bandwagon

Right on Crime | August 13, 2013
In this National Review piece, Marc Levin and Vikrant Reddy state: “Since 2010, conservative legislatures in Ohio, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota have passed major criminal-justice-reform packages. In 2007,…

Governors highlight the need, benefits of Justice Reinvestment

Derek M. Cohen | August 12, 2013
Under the burden of growing corrections budgets, state executives and legislators have sought a different strategy for providing public safety and rehabilitating offenders prior to release. Justice reinvestment, a…

David Keene op-ed in Salem Statesman-Journal

Right on Crime | May 13, 2013
In an op-ed published in today’s Statesman Journal,  Right on Crime signatory and NRA president David Keene urges conservatives to examine whether taxpayers are getting the most from the money…

Marc Levin on NPR’s On Point radio show

Right on Crime | February 21, 2013
Policy Director Marc Levin appeared on NPR’s On Point radio show to discuss the costs of prisons. Here is the link. Right on Crime supports applying the principles of…
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