INTERVIEW: TPPF’s Alice Marie Johnson Talks Being Released From Prison, Criminal Justice Reform With Sean Hannity

Right on Crime | February 5, 2020
The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s new senior fellow Alice Marie Johnson joins Sean Hannity’s program to discuss mentoring other inmates while in prison and being released after receiving clemency…

Right on Crime Welcomes Gov. Haslam and Former United States Attorney General Alberto Gonzales as Group’s Latest Signatories

Right on Crime | December 9, 2019
Right on Crime welcomes two new signatories, as former Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam and former United States Attorney General Alberto Gonzales have signed the conservative criminal justice reform organization’s…

We Are Learning About Tennessee’s Incarceration Practice, And How Tennesseans Feel About It

Julie Warren | November 14, 2019
We incarcerate a lot of people in Tennessee. A recent study by the Crime and Justice Institute (CJI) found that Tennessee’s incarceration rate is 10 percent higher than the…

Bill Summary: HB 1269

Greg Glod | September 27, 2019

Police Use of Force: Foresight Over Hindsight

Michael Hughes | July 30, 2019
The use of force by police creates some of the widest chasms between officers and citizens. Training must build confidence and offer realistic scenarios. This approach sets up appropriate…

A Perspective on Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Teams

Randy Petersen | June 28, 2019
SWAT teams are sometimes a necessity, and because of the nature of the incidents they are properly used for, team formation, training, and use should be required to meet…

White House event: Second Chance Hiring

Right on Crime | June 17, 2019
Right on Crime’s National Director of Reentry Initiatives, John Koufos, spoke with President Donald Trump on June 13 regarding second chance hiring. President Donald Trump has continued to advocate…

Community Supervision in Wisconsin

Thomas Lyons | June 11, 2019
Tom Lyons, Right on Crime’s state director for Wisconsin, provides a policy brief of the state’s community supervision apparatus and discusses some of its challenges – including the higher-than-average…

Reducing Barriers to Occupational Licensing

Haley Holik | May 21, 2019
Evidence suggests maintaining a job reduces the chance of recidivism. It is difficult to pinpoint why employment is a contributing factor to successful reentry. Though a job is clearly…

Ten Tips for Policymakers for Improving Parole

Marc Levin | May 17, 2019
Right on Crime Vice President Marc Levin offers ideas for lawmakers regarding parole. Levin recognizes the benefits to parole and seeks to improve the system to further benefit citizens.

Ten Tips for Policymakers for Improving Probation

Marc Levin | May 17, 2019
Right on Crime Vice President Marc Levin proposes innovative ideas to law makers regarding the probation system. By implementing these practices Texas can see a reduction in the number…
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