The Conservative Case for Pretrial Justice Reform and Seven Solutions for Right-Sizing the Solution

Right on Crime | June 29, 2015
Marc Levin, Director of Right on Crime and the Center for Effective Justice, has written a two–part exposition in Townhall on pretrial justice reform and how conservative solutions can bring…

CATO Podcast: Institute of Justice’s Arif Panju Discusses Asset Forfeiture in the Lone Star State

Michael Haugen | June 26, 2015
In a new CATO podcast, Arif Panju of the Institute for Justice gets into the state of civil asset forfeiture practices in Texas. In a word, Texas isn’t doing…

Fair Sentencing and Fair Chances for the Justice System

Right on Crime | June 25, 2015
A new campaign launched by the Coalition for Public Safety is urging a better understanding of justice reform. This reform incorporates conservative principles such as cost-efficiency and well guarded…

Texas Gov. Abbott Signs A Wide Variety Of Criminal Justice Reform Bills Into Law

Michael Haugen | June 22, 2015
Fresh on the heels of the juvenile justice reform bills he signed into law late last week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott followed suit on Saturday by signing a wide…

Absent Mothers: Female Incarceration in Texas and the US

Right on Crime | June 15, 2015
Rising incarceration rates have had many unexpected consequences, but one that deserves greater attention is how these rates have affected the incarcerated female population. Throughout history, females have been…

“Conservatives Are Still Trouncing Liberals on Prison Reform” – Greene

Right on Crime | February 5, 2015
After the passage of Proposition 47 in California, liberals are beginning to recognize the leadership of conservatives in the area. Giving credit where credit is due, an op-ed in…

Enhancing Public Safety & Right-Sizing Florida’s Criminal Justice System

Right on Crime | July 15, 2014
Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Right on Crime asking the right questions: Which criminal laws are overlapping, obsolete, overbroad or vague, or lacking a mens rea provision? What percent of…

Right on Crime Leadership Summit 2014

Right on Crime | May 27, 2014
Prominent conservatives gathered to discuss criminal justice reform at ROC's Leadership Summit. Read more

Newt Gingrich and Kelly McCutchen Op-Ed on Juvenile Justice

Right on Crime | March 20, 2013
Check out this great op-ed by Newt Gingrich and Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s Kelly McCutchen in today’s Marietta, GA newspaper. It’s about how Georgia can make some major reforms…

Brendan Steinhauser joins Right on Crime Team

Right on Crime | January 4, 2013
Right on Crime has a new Communications Director.. Here is the official press release from the Texas Public Policy Foundation. AUSTIN – The Texas Public Policy Foundation announced today…

Discussing Juvenile Justice with “Pure Politics” in Kentucky

Right on Crime | December 16, 2012
Last month, Right On Crime's Jeanette Moll traveled to Kentucky to present research on juvenile justice to stakeholders involved in reforming several aspects of the state juvenile system --…

Education Reform as a Model for Texas Criminal Justice System

Marc Levin | July 17, 2012
Last Wednesday, I published this piece in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram titled "Education Reform as a Model for Texas Criminal Justice System." Read more
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