Right On Crime is a national campaign focused on conservative and data-driven solutions to assist with solutions to reflect our challenging criminal justice system.  In Idaho, we have 44 counties with individually elected sheriffs, prosecutors, chiefs of police, and coroners who all have accountability for their jurisdiction but without a lens for the entire State. 

A centralized reporting system for drug-related crimes will provide transparency and accurate information by requiring law enforcement and courts to identify where these offenses are happening, how often, and to assist law enforcement in identifying the trends to better fight illegal drug distribution in Idaho.

The proposed H.B. 569 is modeled after current Idaho law (I.C.  67-1405) for a proven, reliable reporting system on child abuse cases throughout the State. H.B. 569 adds to existing law to establish provisions regarding annual reports on drug trafficking, manufacturing, delivery, and possession with the intent to distribute.


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