A poll commissioned by Right on Crime and conducted by Fabrizio, Lee & Associates revealed a majority of registered voters in Florida support a number of criminal justice reforms. The poll surveyed 800 registered Florida voters, plus an oversample of 600 registered Republican voters in late October 2017.

Key findings of the poll include:
1. Roughly 3 in 4 registered voters and GOP voters support ending the practice of suspending drivers’ licenses for failure to pay court fees or fines when the person can prove an inability to pay and agrees to do community service.
2. Nearly three-quarters or more of both voter universes support encouraging counties to create civil citation programs that would allow police officers to give citations that include fines and/or community service instead of making arrests for various misdemeanors.
3. Two-thirds or more of both voter groups support allowing Florida state judges to cut three- and five-year mandatory minimum sentences by up to two-thirds for first-time drug offenders when they believe the mandatory sentence is inappropriate based on the crime committed.
4. A solid majority of both voter universes

Find details on the poll here:
2017.11 ROC Poll _ Florida CJR