Jackson, MSRight On Crime commends Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves and state legislators for their continued commitment to parole eligibility and public safety as S.B. 2448 was signed into law today. Right On Crime commends the data-driven and thoughtful policies of S.B. 2448.

Statement from Mississippi Right On Crime Director Scott Peyton:

“Gov. Reeves and Mississippi’s elected leaders supporting the policies of S.B. 2448 understand that a successful criminal justice system is designed to not only punish, but also provide a chance for rehabilitation and redemption,” says Scott Peyton, Mississippi Director of Right On Crime.  “Parole works in Mississippi, and the data backs it up. Signing S.B. 2488 into law allows thousands of Mississippians an opportunity to serve their time and contribute to the communities where they live, raise families, and work.”

Facts from Peyton’s Opinion 4/24 Article in the Magnolia Tribune:

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