Texas lawmakers may shore up a little-known system of courts, called specialty courts.  Voices on both the left and the right are saying that these courts are working — benefiting the state despite being underfunded, uncounted and, at the state level, unmanaged.

Ana Yañez Correa would like to tell lawmakers how many people benefit from going to drug court. But she can’t, because the data does not exist. Yañez-Correa is the executive director of the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition.

“Anything that addresses the issue of substance abuse and mental health in a more therapeutic way is going to be more effective,” Yañez Correa said. “Now to what extent the effectiveness is? That’s why it’s important to keep data.”  Click here to read more.

Originally published on April 22, 2013 at www.kutnews.org by Veronica Zaragovia