You’re invited to join the Right on Crime team at the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s 16th Annual Policy Orientation, which draws hundreds of legislators, legislative staff, and activists to hear the insight of expert scholars and opinion leaders. The event explores all sides of issues facing the Texas Legislature. Designed with state policymakers in mind, these panel discussions offer an exclusive forum for discussing new ideas and solutions to the state’s most pressing issues.

The Center for Effective Justice has put together three panels throughout this conference to highlight topics within the realm of criminal justice reform, like policing and over-criminalization. We hope you’ll be able to join us for the panels listed below and more at Policy Orientation, taking place at the Hilton Austin Hotel on February 7th through 9th. Visit for more information or click the button below to register.

21st Century Policing In Texas

Police officers are often unfairly considered equal parts crime fighter and social worker.  Despite this impossible mandate, officers are working within the current legal framework to pioneer innovative solutions to long-standing problems.  This panel will discuss what is working, what is not, and what can be improved to benefit both officers on the beat and the communities they serve.


  • Representative Phil King
  • Representative John Wray
  • Vikrant Reddy, Charles Koch Institute
  • Currie Myers, Texas Public Policy Foundation
  • Moderator, Randy Petersen


There Ought To Be A Law: Overcriminalization

Increasingly, local, state, and federal governments have been using the criminal justice system to enforce laws that criminalize common behavior and routine economic activity.  This panel will discuss the many areas of overreach, how the laws are being enforced against non-criminals, and potential remedies.


  • Representative Matt Rinaldi
  • Arif Panju, Institute for Justice
  • Ronnie Lampard, American Legislative Exchange Counsel
  • Moderator, Marc Levin


Lone Star Justice 2.0: How Texas Can Continue Lowering Crime & Costs

This panel takes a system-wide perspective on smartly managing correctional populations while maximizing public safety and efficiency.  This discussion will encompass the entirety of the criminal justice process – through arrest, pretrial, sentencing, corrections, and reentry.


  • Representative Moody
  • Jenny Kim, Koch Companies Public Sector
  • Doug Smith, Texas Criminal Justice Coalition
  • Kim Ogg, Harris County District Attorney
  • Moderator, Adam Gelb, Pew Charitable Trust