At 7 PM Central this evening, Right on Crime Policy Director Marc Levin will be joining a distinguished panel to discuss Missouri’s criminal justice system.

Titled “The State of Missouri’s Criminal Justice System: Legislative Solutions,” the panel will highlight various challenges that Missouri faces in its justice system, both currently and in the future, and propose legislative steps to address some of these unique issues, including those that have shown promise in other states.

Hosted by Lindenwood University, in conjunction with The Hammond Institute and the Liberty & Ethics Center, the panel is the culmination of a day-long event that will also investigate Missouri’s policing culture, issues surrounding mandatory sentencing, alternatives to incarceration, and aspects of re-entry.

Joining Levin are Robert Cornejo and Shamed Dogan, members of the Missouri Legislature; Jeffrey Mittman, Executive Director of the ACLU in Missouri; Adolphus M. Pruitt II, President of the NAACP Chapter in St Louis; Jeff Smith, Urban Policy Professor at The New School; and Vikrant Reddy, Senior Research Fellow at the Charles Koch Institute.

The entire event will be livestreamed here, beginning at 2 PM Central.