In a new video for Right on Crime, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry extols the groups efforts to introduce smart, liberty-focused reforms to the nation’s complex criminal justice system.

In 2007, facing a potential increase of billions of dollars in prison and corrections spending, Texas instead made smaller, short-term investments geared at diverting low-risk offenders into evidence-based community programs designed for rehabilitation, rather than incarceration. Texas reformed its probation practices as well, allowing individuals to earn their way off through exemplary conduct and by achieving benchmarks, like obtaining a degree.

As a result, Texas has been able to close three prisons, lower its recidivism rate by 25%, and has enjoyed its lowest rate of crime since 1968. Additionally, it has saved taxpayers billions of dollars while, most importantly, preserving public safety.

Gov. Perry, in addressing his support for Right on Crime, states that such sensible policy reforms will be needed for the future:

“We need more of this forward thinking policy making around the country to continue to improve our criminal justice system, which is why I have joined Right on Crime in the fight for criminal justice reform.

Their focus on individual liberty, personal responsibility, transparency and limited government is the foundation for the type of real, life changing reform that benefits all Americans. By working with policy makers and conservative leaders in dozens of states to provide conservative solutions for their individual challenges, we all benefit.”

Watch the video below.