*Oklahoma Right On Crime Director, Marilyn Davidson available for Interviews*

Oklahoma CityRight On Crime, a national criminal justice organization, commends Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt on signing SB1835 into law and addressing sentencing issues with defendants who are victims of sexual or physical abuse.

Oklahoma Right On Crime Director, Marilyn Davidson, says, “This law effectively addresses concerns within the original Oklahoma Survivors’ Act and better connects abuse with the crime, and it embodies principles of justice and compassion while maintaining a steadfast commitment to accountability and due process.” 

Oklahoma SB1835 emphasizes the importance of individual responsibility while acknowledging the complex and often traumatic circumstances faced by survivors of domestic violence. By requiring courts to consider survivor status as a mitigating factor during hearings and sentencing, the bill strikes a balance between recognizing the troubles of survivors and upholding the rule of law.

At Right On Crime, we are committed to reducing violent crime in Oklahoma while examining how we treat defendants who are also victims,” said Davidson. “By upholding standards of evidence and due diligence, Senate Bill 1835 maintains the integrity of our legal system and prevents miscarriages of justice.”

Evidentiary requirements outlined in Oklahoma SB1835 serve to safeguard against potential abuse, ensuring that claims of survivorship are substantiated and supported by reliable documentation. The law’s provision for sentencing adjustments based on the circumstances of the survivor at the time of the offense reflects a realistic and caring approach to criminal justice while promoting rehabilitation and reintegration into society. 

Davidson says, “Oklahoman’s must commit to repairing past injustices and ensuring that our legal system remains responsive to changing societal needs. This law champions conservative values while advancing policies that promote the well-being and safety of all Oklahomans.”

Davidson is available for interviews on SB1835 and other criminal justice issues in Oklahoma.  Please contact Right On Crime Communications Director, Tonya Kerr at 512-300-3767.