Right On Crime, a national campaign supporting conservative criminal justice policy, commends the Florida legislature for voting to approve $750,000 in funding for The Florida Foundation for Correctional Excellence (FFCE). The FFCE is a nonprofit direct support organization designed to promote innovative and effective career readiness and community re-entry programs within Florida correctional institutions. 

“The approval of this funding for the FFCE provides for the tools and leadership necessary to ensure not only the successful reentry of folks with criminal histories but ultimately the increased safety of communities across our state… We commend Florida House Speaker Chris Sprowls and Florida Senator Wilton Simpson for their tireless support.”

Chelsea Murphy, Right On Crime Florida Director.

The Foundation will unite public and private entities to publicize needs, seek resources, and donations and encourage philanthropic giving. The FFCE will work with businesses, non-profit organizations, and community leaders to promote innovative and effective career readiness and community re-entry programs within Florida correctional institutions. 

“More than 95% of all incarcerated citizens are eventually released into our communities, so it’s imperative to support organizations like the FFCE  to help reduce recidivism and promote public safety… Second chances begin with overcoming the stigma and barriers of old and non-violent convictions which often prevent the formerly incarcerated from getting a job, applying for housing, and supporting themselves and their families.”

Brett Tolman, Right On Crime Executive Director and former U.S. Attorney

“Expanding career readiness training and reentry initiatives are smart investments to promote safe and prosperous communities in Florida… Florida legislators are putting tax dollars to work in rehabilitation, academic, workforce and wellness programs to create safer communities across the state.”

Doug Deason, FFCE Board Member and Right On Crime Signatory.

The initiatives of the Foundation are championed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis; Ricky Dixon, Secretary, Florida Department of Corrections; Patrick Mahoney, Director, Office of Programs and Re-Entry, Florida Department of Corrections as well as several invested members (the Board) of the community:

Denver Stutler, Jr., Board Chair and CEO, U.S. Submergent Technologies; David Black, Attorney; Doug Deason, President, The Deason Foundation; Erik Dellenbeck, Director, Florida Faith-Based and Community-Based Advisory Council; David Hart, CEO, Bermuda Business Development Agency; Jon McGavin, Area Manager, Grande Lakes; Mark Reynolds, National Director, Trinity Broadcast Network