AUSTIN, TX—In the wake of an historic election wave that brought so many Republican lawmakers to power throughout the country, Right on Crime—the nationally-recognized conservative criminal justice reform organization—congratulates the hundreds of conservative elected officials dedicated to reforming America’s criminal justice system for their victories yesterday.

Yesterday’s election results were especially meaningful in Arkansas, as Right on Crime supporter Asa Hutchinson became that state’s governor-elect. Hutchinson, the former US Attorney and Administrator of the US Drug Enforcement Administration, has been a long-time supporter of criminal justice reform and, since 2013, a signatory to the Right on Crime Statement of Principles.

The Statement of Principles is an outline for a conservative approach to America’s criminal justice system signed by more than 70 prominent conservative thought-leaders, including former governors, senators, attorneys general, as well as media, activist and think-tank voices.

Hutchinson, who said in March of this year that, “it is time for a comprehensive review of the criminal justice system,” later outlined substantial conservative reforms in his policy proposal, “Asa Plan for a Safer Arkansas,” including enhanced accountability and supervision for parolees and more effective re-entry programs. The Governor-elect has supported Right on Crime at public events, and appeared on television to promote the campaign.

Marc Levin, Policy Director at Right on Crime, said:

We are delighted that Asa Hutchinson will bring his remarkable record of visionary leadership and vast expertise in public safety to the Governor’s mansion in Arkansas.  Since signing on to the Right on Crime Statement of Principles, he has been incredibly helpful in our efforts, including testifying on behalf of Right on Crime before the Canadian parliament. We look forward to working with him in his new capacity to improve the criminal justice system in Arkansas.


Right On Crime is the one-stop source for conservative ideas on criminal justice. It is a project of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, the American Conservative Union Foundation and the Prison Fellowship.

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