Beginning in earnest today in Washington, D.C., Right on Crime is co-sponsoring the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference, an event geared for faith-based organizations and conservative activists to discuss a wide spectrum of issues ranging from school choice and voter turnout, to U.S.-Israeli relations and criminal justice reform.

As it relates to criminal justice reform, Right on Crime senior policy analyst Derek Cohen will be participating in a panel discussion on Saturday (at 10AM EDT) titled “Right on Crime: Smart Solutions in Criminal Justice” along side Right on Crime signatory Pat Nolan, Director of Criminal Justice Reform at the American Conservative Union.

Joining them to discuss criminal justice reform in red states, and specifically Texas’ continued success on the topic, will be Timothy Head, Executive Director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, and Christine Leonard, Executive Director of the Coalition for Public Safety (of which Right on Crime is a partner).

In addition to the panel discussion, several other of Right on Crime’s signatories will be speakers throughout the day on Friday and Saturday (listed times are approximate, on Eastern time):

Jeb Bush: Friday, 9:45 AM

Rabbi Daniel Lapin:  Friday, 11:25 AM

Gary Bauer: Friday, 12:10 PM

Grover Norquist: Friday, 7:50 PM

Rick Perry: Saturday, 9:30 AM

Bill Bennett: Saturday, 10:50 AM

Those unable to attend in person can access the event schedule here, and watch the event here, courtesy of C-SPAN.