On May 20-21, Right on Crime hosted the first-ever Leadership Summit in Washington D.C., where prominent conservatives who are passionate about criminal justice gathered to discuss new and innovative methods for reforming the system. Click the links below and follow #ROCsummit on Twitter and Facebook to find out what went on during the conference.

News articles

TIME Magazine: “Conservatives Tout Criminal Justice Reform Efforts in States
CNN: “Prison system is failing America
Huffington Post:  “Right-Wing Prison Reform: Now It’s a Crowd
PJ Media: Criminal Justice Reform: A New Domain of the Right?
Norquist: ‘Conservatives May Have Wanted More Incarceration Than Was Necessary’
ConservativeHQ: Conservatives Lead by Reducing Crime, Saving Money” (also published by Right Side News)
Grits for Breakfast:
Right on Crime seeks world domination
The Crime Report:
U.S. Conservatives: We’re Leading Criminal Justice Reform
Christian Post: Prisoners Should Get Free Education to Reduce Recidivism, Newt Gingrich Says
AL.com: “Alabama Prison Reform Task Force member learns how Texas turned ‘Right on Crime’
Family Research Council: Justice Looks Right
The Patriot-News: “Can Republican Pennsylvania get it right on crime?
Atlas Network: “TPPF and its Right On Crime Initiative Gain Steam

Audio and video

Video of morning session
Video message from Governor Rick Perry
Video message from Governor Dennis Daugaard
Video message from Governor Nathan Deal
Video interview with Newt Gingrich
Video interview with Edwin Meese
Video interview with Ken Cuccinelli
Video interview with Representative Jason Chaffetz
Senator John Cornyn’s speech
“From The Right” radio interviews
CNN’s Crossfire

Photos from the Leadership Summit

As a result of the success from the Leadership Summit, a call to action was issued to Congress and the states to move swiftly on reform suggestions that would increase public safety, restore victims, and cut spending. Click here to view the Right on Crime Federal and State Call to Action.