(Mississippi & Louisiana) July 15– Right On Crime recognizes the tireless work of more than 100,000 community corrections professionals around the country who work hard to keep our communities safe during National Pretrial, Probation and Parole Supervision (PPPS) Week from July 17-23, 2022.

PPPS Week is an annual week dedicated to raising awareness of the life-changing work community corrections professionals do each day.

Scott Peyton, Right On Crime Director of Mississippi and Louisiana is a former law enforcement and probation and parole officer who now works with policymakers and thought leaders throughout the nation on criminal justice reform and our Correctional Leadership Network, where we connect leaders from the corrections industry to share best practices and policy ideas.

Peyton said, “A special thanks to the men and women of Probation and Parole who work tirelessly to ensure public safety for all Louisianians and Mississippians through effective supervision, by supporting victims, and by assisting those on supervision to become productive citizens.  You are the front-line workers in combating recidivism and keeping our communities safe!”

Year in and year out, corrections professionals often shoulder the good and bad of criminal justice policies in their communities. They work as first responders and, during Covid, shifted their work models to support, assist, and guide individuals under supervision and the community.

Heroes all year long, Right On Crime commends the efforts of corrections professionals across the nation.  For more information about activities in your community to salute PPPS week from July 17-23, go to www.appa-net.org.