Recently, several prominent leaders of the criminal justice reform movement in the Pelican State have signed onto Right on Crime’s Statement of Principles. The new signatories were all integral in the passage of a comprehensive reform package that went through the Louisiana legislature this session. The package is anticipated to reduce the prison population of the nation’s highest incarcerator by 10 percent and save the state $262 million during the next ten years.

The list of new signatories are made up of some of the most prominent and influential members of the Louisiana advocacy, law, and business communities including: Daniel Erspamer, CEO of the Pelican Institute;  Gene Mills, President of the Louisiana Family Forum; Jay Lapeyre, President of Laitram; and Stephen Gele, a Partner at Smith & Fawer, LLC.

The new signatories shared their reasons for signing onto the Right on Crime Statement of Principles:

Daniel Erspamer: “Criminal justice reform is an essential element to a series of long-term, structural changes needed unleash human capital and to bring jobs and opportunity to the state of Louisiana. I’m proud to continue the important work of my predecessor, the late Kevin Kane, who was a champion in Louisiana advancing necessary reforms. Right on Crime has been a thoughtful leader and a great partner in these efforts across the country, and I’m pleased to join as a signatory to the Statement of Principles.”

Stephen Gele: “The passage of the criminal justice reforms during the 2017 Louisiana Legislature was a great start. Through the continued joint efforts of a diverse coalition of business leaders, policy groups, and officials in the criminal justice system, Louisiana will continue to improve public safety, relieve taxpayers from excessive costs, and help those who have erred to move forward as productive members of society.  Right on Crime provided crucial leadership in achieving the initial reforms, and we at the Pelican Institute for Public Policy, as part the legacy of my late friend Kevin Kane, are committed to working with this proven organization as a signatory of their statement of principles.”

Gene Mills: “Our hope is to make redemption a core value throughout Louisiana’s justice system. It has been my privilege to serve with Right on Crime and others in analyzing our justice system from top to bottom and to advance reasonable reforms that increase public safety, achieve better outcomes, and offer hope for the incarcerated and their families. Louisiana Family Forum holds that it’s time to get smart on rehabilitation.”

Jay Lapeyre: “As a Louisiana resident and business owner, I know Right on Crime is committed to conservative principles for criminal justice reform, with proven initiatives to ensure all reforms improve public safety, save tax dollars and help stabilize families and worker opportunities in Louisiana.”

The Right on Crime Statement of Principles is a comprehensive statement outlining why conservatives support criminal justice reform.