As violent crime paralyzes cities across the nation, convicting the most violent and dangerous criminals is the job of a prosecuting attorney. While some rogue prosecutors have made headlines by abusing power, many more are doing the job right and upholding their sworn duty to keep communities safe. 

The latest episode of The Right On Crime Podcast featuring Prosecutorial Innovation in America explores the good work being done in two Pennsylvania counties, York and Bucks, as we give a voice to prosecutors who are holding criminals accountable while thinking outside the box

“Our Prosecutorial Innovation project highlights elected prosecutors around the country who recognize that the old school “lock everybody up- put more people in prison” is not working,” said Kurt Altman, Director and Host of Right On Crime’s Prosecutorial Innovation in America. “That doesn’t mean they’re not prosecuting crimes and prioritizing victims. These are elected prosecutors who believe that once a person is held accountable, they can be redeemed. Preventing future crime is being tough on crime. We’re trying to give innovative prosecutors a voice to share best practices throughout the country.”

In Pennsylvania, two counties are implementing innovative policies which hold criminals accountable, seek justice for the victims, and return some humanity to the job of keeping their communities safe.

“I think that we have to attack the root of criminality. What causes criminogenic thinking? Why do people commit crimes? Are they addicted to drugs or alcohol? Do they have some other underlying issue that if we could solve aspects of the mental health problems, could we take them out of the spin cycle of the criminal justice model where they maybe don’t belong in the first place?” said Matt Weintraub, District Attorney of Bucks County, PA. “And that’s really where I’ve taken my deepest dives and trying to effectuate policy changes in Bucks County.”

David Sunday , District Attorney of York County, PA agrees. “We have to do everything we can to make this community safe. Yes, we prosecute bad guys, okay. That’s the thing we’re good at. That’s the easy part of the job to be honest,” said Sunday. “The hard part is the thoughtful, methodical way in which people like Matt, and other DA’s across the state and hopefully around the country, are not only fighting violent predators, right? But they are doing what they can to keep everybody from committing more crimes. That’s what keeps you safe.”

More than 95% of all criminals are eventually released back into communities, and while new programs and ideas may trigger skepticism, Prosecutorial Innovation podcasts and other initiatives present ideas to those resistant to changing broken aspects of our criminal justice system and those who are searching for solutions.

Right On Crime’s Prosecutorial Innovation in America initiative highlights policies that hold government accountable, increase transparency, support the health of the family, protect civil liberties, advance freedom, and demand that every tax dollar spent on a justice system prove beneficial to public safety. 

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