Running a business is not for the faint of heart.

You have a lot to consider when making decisions about market demands, solving customer problems, and retaining a dependable and loyal workforce. Implementing a well-structured reentry program could be the solution .

At Right On Crime, we encourage businesses to consider an untapped workforce of over 80 million Americans – that’s 1 in 3 individuals – with a prior criminal record, and more than 10,000 individuals who are released from custody every week. 

Research shows these individuals are more loyal and dependable than the average employee and can positively impact a business’ bottom line. Despite paying their dues, they still face limited job opportunities, housing restrictions, and barriers to licensing and education. These challenges extend to families and communities, reinforcing cycles of community instability.

Right On Crime has hosted The Dollars and Sense of Second Chance Hiring events across the nation.
In November 2021, Right On Crime held is first Mississippi Employer Engagement Forum to gather businesses, policymakers, and experts in the same room to discuss the resources and benefits of Second Chance Hiring.
This Right On Crime Employer Forum in Tallahassee, FL, brought together Florida businesses and thought-leaders working to reduce recidivism, lower taxpayer costs, and make communities safer through second-chance hiring.
At Right On Crime’s Tallahassee Employer Engagement Forum, business owners and hiring managers learned about resources and incentives of second chance hiring as thought leaders connected and engaged with public agencies and non-profits already making successful reentry a reality in Florida.
Richard Boykin earned his place in the criminal justice system for stealing four-wheelers as a young teen. After several more convictions and stints in prison, Richard was given an opportunity to work while in jail – through a program created to ease the reentry process – and connected with a forward-thinking employer after his latest release. Since receiving his job, Richard has been filled with hope.
Right On Crime’s The Dollars & Sense of Second Chance Hiring: An Employer Engagement Forum in Tallahassee, FL (2023) was hosted by former ROC Florida Director Chelsea Murphy and moderated by ROC Director of Correctional Leadership Network Scott Peyton.
In Jackson, Mississippi, Right On Crime held its first Mississippi Employer Engagement Forum to bring together businesses, policymakers, and experts to discuss reentry best practices and how these efforts strengthen local economies and make communities safer.