Right on Crime’s State Director for Louisiana, Elain Ellerbe, sat down with LPB for an interview on the new safety procedures for the state’s November 1st inmate release.  The interview was featured in a prison reform segment within the regularly scheduled broadcast of Louisiana, The State We’re In.  Ellerbe highlighted new probation and parole procedures that were activated by the state’s recent criminal justice reform overhaul.  In particular, Ellerbe is encouraged by the new focus on cognitive behavior therapy that is set to help offenders make better decisions and avoid returning to a life of crime. This in turn helps increase public safety – and saves taxpayer dollars.  Ellerbe pointed out, “It costs $24,000 a year to keep someone incarcerated.”  With full implementation of the state’s criminal justice reform, “The state is going to be saving over $358 million.”

Ellerbe applauded the anticipated impact of the reforms.  As she stated, the reforms are a result of an immense bipartisan effort that warrants ample time for implementation and adjustment based on the results.

Watch the full interview here.