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Former Governor Mike Huckabee Joins Right on Crime

Right on Crime | September 21, 2017

Austin, TX — Right on Crime today announced the addition of a respected conservative leader committed to conservative criminal justice reform as outlined in its Statement of Principles.  The newest...

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Louisiana’s Bail Bond Industry and the Court System’s Fee Based Conundrum

Elain Ellerbe | September 21, 2017

With bail reform becoming part of a larger national conversation, Louisiana should also consider its practices and overuse of cash bail.  While the bail bond system was established to ensure individu...

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Wisconsin Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Inches Towards Reality

Thomas Lyons | September 20, 2017

The Senate Labor and Regulatory Reform Committee passed comprehensive civil asset forfeiture reform on a 3-2 vote.  The vote allows the full Senate to take up the measure. The bill, Senate Bill 61...

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Prosecutors & Sentencing Enhancements

Julie Warren | September 19, 2017

There are prosecutors out there who love sentencing enhancements, and I get it.  Enhancements make a prosecutor’s life easier, because they can make it easier to obtain a guilty plea.  There is al...

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Alaska Dispatch News
Juneau Takes a Novel Approach to Dealing with Chronic Shoplifters -

Mentoring and victim restitution are at the center of Alaska’s plan to decrease shoplifting.

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Northern Kentucky Tribune
Governor Bevin Participates in Prisoner Re-entry Summit in D.C. -

Kentucky Governor, Matt Bevin, shared his state’s success with apprenticeship programs at a White House meeting on criminal justice reform.

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Cato Institute
The Fiscal Pitch for State-Level Criminal Justice Reform -

Right on Crime signatory and Vice President of Policy for the James Madison Inst., Sal Nuzzo, spoke with Cato about fiscal savings that can be earned with criminal justice reform.

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Associated Press
Arizona Agency gets $3.1M from US to Combat Opioid Abuse -

In response to President Trump’s recent national emergency declaration for the opioid crisis, federal funding is being sent to states like Arizona is to prevent and treat addiction.

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Houston Chronicle
Texas Prison-Reentry Model a Focus of White House Reform Meeting -

Executive Director of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Brooke Rollins, participated in a round-table discussion on federal prison reform led by President Trump’s Senior Advisor Jared Kushner.

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R Street
The Key to Safer, Less Costly Jails? Reduce Pretrial Detention -

With pre-trial defendants driving jail population growth, Pima County is teaming up with the MacArthur Foundation to explore safe alternatives to incarceration for low level offenders.

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Criminal Justice Reform in the States

In the world of conservative criminal justice reform,the most excitingadvances are taking place at the state level. States are findinginnovative ways to increase public safety while trimming burdensome corrections costs.Every state is different, and thus every state is finding unique solutions. All of the red states on themap, however, have one thing in common: They are seizing the opportunity tocut corrections costs and keep the public safe.