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16th Annual Policy Orientation – Austin, TX

Noelle Mandell | January 18, 2018

You’re invited to join the Right on Crime team at the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s 16th Annual Policy Orientation, which draws hundreds of legislators, legislative staff, and activists to hear...

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Money Bail Recommendations for Kentucky

Julie Warren | January 17, 2018

In August 2017, Governor Bevin convened a reinvestment working group within the Criminal Justice Policy Assessment Council (CJPAC). He charged the group with “develop[ing] fiscally-sound, data drive...

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Prison Visits – When Technology is Not the Answer

Elain Ellerbe | January 17, 2018

In an article published in the Times Picayune, the newspaper reported on the decision of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff to stop all forms of face-to-face visits for offenders and their families in favor...

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More Criminal Justice reform for Texas in 2018

Marc Levin | January 16, 2018

This article by Marc Levin originally appeared in Houston Chronicle on January 15th, 2018. As Texans seek to implement their New Year's resolutions, a safer, more just society should be at the ...

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Tampa Bay Times
Tallahassee Wants More and More Laws to Keep People Out of Prison -

Study reveals states that raised their felony theft thresholds to reflect inflation, incurred no increase in property crime.

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Tulsa World
A Former Judge’s Four Steps to Improve Criminal Justice -

Oklahoma’s William C. Kellough says pretrial release has a record of safely reducing pretrial incarceration for low-level offenders.

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The Time Has Come to Reform Juvenile Justice in Tennessee -

A decrease in juvenile crime across the states warrants a decrease in juvenile incarceration, namely for low-level offenses such as truancy.

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Tampa Bay Times
Florida’s Harsh Driver’s License Suspensions Draw Senate Scrutiny -

Legislators consider reforming onerous fines and fees that often lead to driver’s license suspensions.

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Governor signs House Bill 1479 -

Illinois Department of Corrections creates women’s division to address issues related to physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.

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Tampa Bay Times
Lawmakers Optimistic About Criminal Justice Reform as New Report Highlights Areas for Change -

Florida Senator says reform has a better chance of getting passed this session following bipartisan press conference in which Right on Crime took part, showcasing reform recommendations.

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Right on Crime is a national campaign to promote successful, conservative solutions on American criminal justice policy—reforming the system to ensure public safety, shrink government, and save taxpayers money. By sharing research and policy ideas and mobilizing strong conservative voices, we work to raise awareness of the growing support for effective reforms within the conservative movement. We are transforming the debate on criminal justice in America.

Criminal Justice Reform in the States

In the world of conservative criminal justice reform,the most excitingadvances are taking place at the state level. States are findinginnovative ways to increase public safety while trimming burdensome corrections costs.Every state is different, and thus every state is finding unique solutions. All of the red states on themap, however, have one thing in common: They are seizing the opportunity tocut corrections costs and keep the public safe.