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Critics of Louisiana Justice Reform Make Exaggerated Claims

Right on Crime | November 17, 2017

This article by Right on Crime Signatories, Craig DeRoche and Gene Mills, originally appeared in Shreveport Times, November 16th, 2017. This past legislative session, Prison Fellowship and the Louisi...

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Florida Poll Reveals Strong Support for Criminal Justice Reform

Right on Crime | November 15, 2017

A poll commissioned by Right on Crime and conducted by Fabrizio, Lee & Associates revealed a majority of registered voters in Florida support a number of criminal justice reforms. The poll surveye...

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Right on Crime, Lawmakers & Conservative Coalition Address Badly Needed Criminal Justice Reform in State of Florida

Right on Crime | November 15, 2017

Tallahassee, Fla. – Right on Crime, joined by Florida lawmakers and a coalition of conservative public policy organizations, today addressed critical criminal justice reform measures needed in the S...

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To the People Dying from the Opioid Epidemic, Drugs aren’t the Problem — They’re the Solution

Right on Crime | November 13, 2017

This article by Right on Crime Signatory and Senior Vice President of Advocacy & Public Policy at Prison Fellowship, Craig DeRoche, originally appeared in Fox News, November 12th, 2017. When Pres...

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Surge in License Requirements Creates Challenges for… -

The Institute for Justice reports a shocking statistic on the rise in licensing barriers.


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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin: Justice Reform is Real and Conservative Governors are Leading the Way -

Governor Bevin touts criminal justice reform’s impact on his state’s economy.

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Lowell Sun
House Passes Bill Giving Inmates Early-Release Options -

Participants of education or job training programs could earn sentence deductions in Massachusetts.

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Justice Department Bizarrely Uses Madoff to Defend Taking People’s Stuff Without Convicting Them First -

Civil asset forfeiture is being showcased as a tool for victim restoration, but Reason reports victims of civil asset forfeiture look nothing like Madoff.

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NBC Connecticut
Connecticut Prison in Enfield to Shut Down as Crime Rate Declines -

Connecticut looks to save approximately $6.5 million in annual prison operating costs due to a whopping 38 percent reduction in prison admissions.

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From the Bench: Veteran Court Finding Solutions for Vets -

Judge touts effectiveness of veterans courts as a means for taking a holistic approach to issues that plague service men and women.


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Criminal Justice Reform in the States

In the world of conservative criminal justice reform,the most excitingadvances are taking place at the state level. States are findinginnovative ways to increase public safety while trimming burdensome corrections costs.Every state is different, and thus every state is finding unique solutions. All of the red states on themap, however, have one thing in common: They are seizing the opportunity tocut corrections costs and keep the public safe.