The Issue

Prosecutors review the facts, decide charges, and determine how a case will resolve. If infused with the unmitigated ability to influence the outcome by a mandatory minimum sentence, the prosecutor also determines the defendant’s sentencing fate.  Simply put, prosecutors are the most powerful actor within the criminal justice system, and their power continues to grow. While crime rates have declined over the decades, news headlines underscore the significant rise in violent crime driving fear across the nation. In many cities, rogue prosecutors who think they’re above the rule of law are implementing blanket policies that violate their oath of office and compromise prosecutorial ethics.




Kurt Altman, Prosecutorial Innovation Director for Right On Crime

Right On Crime’s Prosecutorial innovation in America supports prosecutors willing to think outside the normal prosecutorial box with common-sense and data-driven innovations which reduce crime and recidivism but never compromise public safety.

Prosecutorial Innovation in America will connect conservative and innovative prosecutors while examining the successes of conservative District Attorneys across the nation.  New programs or ideas may trigger skepticism and criticism directed at an elected prosecutor, but innovative approaches to prosecution with evidence-based success must be amplified and shared with those resistant to changing broken aspects of our criminal justice system.

Conservatives must hold government accountable, increase transparency, support the health of the family, protect civil liberties, advance freedom, and demand that every tax dollar spent on a justice system prove beneficial to public safety.  Americans must make criminal justice a pillar issue with thoughtful, common-sense reforms that reduce crime and recidivism to keep communities safe.


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