Huge Victory for Fifth Amendment in New Mexico

Right on Crime | April 11, 2015
Advocates, legislators, and citizens have waited to see if New Mexico’s Governor would approve HB 560, after passing both State Houses. Hours ago Governor Susana Martinez signed the bill…

Levin and Madden Talk Criminal Justice Reform in Utah

Right on Crime | January 28, 2015
Utah, a state generally capable in the criminal justice world, is now on the precipice of costing taxpayers 500-525 million dollars by building a new prison to ease the…

Norquist & Monson: Let’s Reserve Costly Prison Beds for Dangerous Offenders

Right on Crime | August 21, 2014
Utah is embarking on an effort to reform its criminal justice system by convening a Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice. Writing in Deseret News, Right on Crime signatories Grover Norquist and…
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