Two thumbs up: Not an ordinary night at the movies

Kurt Altman | October 11, 2018
Picture this: It’s 5:45 on a Wednesday night.  Catering and bar service are in place.  Students, professionals, and community members are cautiously entering the building to make sure they…

Less is more when it comes to putting people in jail

Kurt Altman | March 16, 2018
This article by Kurt Altman originally appeared in Arizona Capitol Times, March 16th, 2018. As someone who has lived in Phoenix since the early 1990s, I have always had…

Arizona is Making Sausage

Kurt Altman | February 20, 2018
I was told once that if you like the law and you like sausage, you should never experience the making of either.  I was told this at a cook…

Breakfast Briefing Kicks off Conversations for Reform in Arizona

Kurt Altman | January 12, 2018
Arizona legislative session opened Monday, January 8th but it really got moving today, January 11th, for criminal justice reforms in the state.  Right on Crime hosted a legislative briefing…

A Fox in Charge of the Hen House

Kurt Altman | November 20, 2017
I have written about it before—HB2477—a major reform to the civil asset forfeiture process in Arizona that was passed by legislators and signed by the Governor. Amongst the many…

Felony – The Scarlet F

Kurt Altman | August 31, 2017
Imagine this: You’re 18 years old, out with a couple buddies, experimenting with marijuana and you’re arrested and charged with a felony. Or worse yet, maybe it was “wax”…

At Least I Can Cut Hair

Kurt Altman | July 12, 2017
He was handcuffed in the front of his body and before the U.S. Marshals took him out of the courtroom he was able to put his hands on my…

The 2477 to Yuma

Kurt Altman | July 5, 2017
In 1957, a classic Western film starring Glenn Ford and Van Heflin was released – 3:10 to Yuma.  It was remade in 2007 with super star actors Russell Crowe…
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