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Criminal justice is a vast field, and important new public policy issues are constantly emerging.  Watch this space for the latest news and research about unique areas of conservative criminal justice reform.

No, Simply Possessing a Firearm Does Not Make Someone Violent

Scott Peyton | March 30, 2020
The debate across the nation rages concerning gun control. Presidential candidates have gone as far as calling for the seizure of certain weapons, and attacked gun manufacturers, resellers, and…

Lent: Season for Second Chances

Scott Peyton | March 6, 2019
In most parts of the United States on March 5, it was just another Tuesday.  However, in Louisiana, most state offices, schools and local businesses were closed to celebrate Mardi…

In Louisiana, A New Voter-Approved Initiative Requires Unanimous Juries in Criminal Trials

Scott Peyton | November 7, 2018
Last weekend we turned our clocks back one hour.  We moved back in time for a brief moment.  Today, in Louisiana, we have moved our “clocks” forward to a…

When Mental Health Problems Become Criminal

Thomas Lyons | November 7, 2018
Recently, the leaders of the criminal justice system in La Crosse County got together to discuss the impact of untreated mental health on the local court system.  Startled by…

Mental illness should not be a crime

Elain Ellerbe | June 6, 2018
A recent exposé by Reuters on inmate deaths at the East Baton Rouge Parish (EBR) Jail comes as no surprise to this life-long resident of the parish.  For many…

Enhancing Pretrial Justice in Alaska

Katie Greer | January 9, 2018
Alaska courts are officially embarking on a new pretrial justice model after overcoming a case of cold feet last Fall. The new model is a product of the state’s…

At Least I Can Cut Hair

Kurt Altman | July 12, 2017
He was handcuffed in the front of his body and before the U.S. Marshals took him out of the courtroom he was able to put his hands on my…

Expunction Dysfunction

Thomas Lyons | July 6, 2017
Last week, the Wisconsin Supreme Court issued a ruling on a case involving expunction that inadvertently highlights a significant problem.  Expunction is a court order that seals the contents…

Fines, Fees, and Forfeiture Under the Commission on Civil Rights’ Microscope

Right on Crime | May 3, 2017
This blog post was written by Right on Crime research associates Jace Waechter and Brian Bensimon. Recently, the Commission on Civil Rights held a hearing to investigate the Department of…

Exploring Faith-Based Correctional Programming

Right on Crime | March 31, 2017
This blog post was written by Brian Bensimon, a Right on Crime research associate. Prisoners struggling with personal transformation and restoration through conventional prison programming may find solace in…

A Rising Chorus of Texas Leaders Calling for Reform of Excessive Court-Imposed Fines and Fees

Right on Crime | March 20, 2017
This blog post was written by Right on Crime research associate Jace Waechter. In Texas, revenue from fines such as parking or traffic violations generated over $1 billion dollars…

Pretrial-Justice Reform: An Old Idea Gains New Momentum

Marc Levin | November 30, 2016
This commentary originally appeared at Real Clear Policy on November 30, 2016. History has proven that it is much easier to diagnose a problem than to solve it. The…
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