• looking ahead in Arizona, ROC will focus on returning discretion to the judiciary by again prioritizing the Arizona Judicial Discretion/Safety Valve Act to combat mandatory sentencing schemes.
  • In addition, efforts will be made to improve and increase re-entry opportunities and programs for those being released from prisons after serving a sentence.
  • We will also work towards implementing an earned release system that was eliminated by Truth in Sentencing, enabling certain inmates to work towards good time credits that will reduce their time behind bars.

Previous Session

Arizona’s legislature passed significant reforms, including reform to civil asset forfeiture (HB2810) and a Certificate of Second Chances (HB2067).

Kurt Altman

Prosecutorial Reform Director, and Arizona and New Mexico State Director for Right On Crime

Altman became a signatory for Right on Crime in early 2016.  In 2017, he joined the reform movement, promoting Right on Crime’s policies in the State Houses of Arizona and New Mexico. And in 2021, he took on the added role of Director of Prosecutorial Reform, where his decades of experience as a state and federal prosecutor could be put to use.

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