Joey Comley

Kentucky and Tennessee State Director for Right On Crime

Comley is an experienced criminal practitioner who has tried or defended over 100 cases in federal, state, and military courts and has two decades' worth of experience working with investigative agencies from allied and partner nations and from a number of states and the federal government. Prior to joining the Team at Right On Crime, Joey served as the Chief of Military Justice for the U.S. Army's V Corps where he designed a military criminal and administrative jurisdiction that would allow a Fort Knox, Kentucky-based unit to exercise military order and discipline throughout the European Theater. Comley also supervised prosecutorial teammates who tried military cases and acted as Special Assistants to the United States Attorney's Office (SAUSAs) for the Western District of Kentucky.

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Conservative criminal justice reforms that enhance public safety, reduce recidivism, and saves taxpayer dollars. Our mission is to promote policies that prioritize individual liberty, limited government intervention, and personal responsibility while holding offenders accountable. We believe in second chances and seek to strengthen communities through evidence-based practices.

Explore our initiatives, research, and success stories in the Bluegrass State, and join us in making Kentucky’s criminal justice system more effective and efficient while preserving the values of freedom and responsibility. Together, we can create a safer, more just Kentucky.



ROC Kentucky Director Joey Comley sits down with Britt Allen to discuss his military and law background, the next legislative session, and the state of the criminal justice system in Kentucky.
Right On Crime Director Joey Comley sits down with Kentucky Senator Whitney Westerfield to discuss the failures to fund juvenile justice initiatives and the impact on public safety. The two discuss the importance of evidence-based solutions and accountability for the criminal justice system in Kentucky.
ROC Kentucky Director Joey Comley testified to the KY Senate Judiciary Committee on H.B.5 about a source list complied for another city in another state and asks lawmakers to consider data from Kentucky before overhauling the state’s criminal code.
As seen on WHAS11 News ABC Kentucky, ROC Director Joey Comley says H.B. 5 – in its current form- punishes but does not prevent crime.

"We're driving reform to make public safety our top priority. By embracing evidence-based policies, we can create a criminal justice system that safeguards our communities while offering second chances for those ready to rebuild their lives." - Joey Comley, Kentucky State Director