Looking Back

  •  Louisiana improved pretrial reform and parole eligibility and enacted the Louisiana Work Opportunity Tax Credit, modeled after the Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit.
  • ROC also worked closely with the Louisiana Department of Corrections in their “Return for Good” initiative, a public information campaign around second chance employment.

Looking Ahead

The top areas of focus will surround Fees and Fines; and Occupational Licensing Bill (Fresh Start) and Clean Slate legislation.

Scott Peyton

Louisiana and Mississippi State Director for Right On Crime

Peyton has over 12 years of work experience with the State of Louisiana: first as a child welfare specialist, then as a juvenile probation and parole officer. Prior to joining Right on Crime, he worked in adult probation and parole as a specialist supervising violent offender caseloads. Peyton has spent time as both a volunteer and reserve deputy sheriff, as well as providing as-needed support to Elayn Hunt Correctional Center working as a correctional officer. As a former instructor with Peace Officer Standards and Training certification, he taught at the Probation and Parole Police Academy. Peyton has witnessed firsthand the need for criminal justice reform, the impacts of rehabilitation and re-entry programs, and the inner workings of the Louisiana Probation and Parole system.

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“Louisianians deserve a cost-effective criminal justice system that ensures public safety, restores victims, reforms offenders, and recognizes hope and redemption.”