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Texas legislators passed re-entry reform, probation reform, driver’s license suspension reform, and the introduction of an electronic court reminder program. Texas also passed the Damon Allen Act which improves training for magistrates, increases transparency in the pre-trial system, and provides magistrates with more information when making bail decisions.

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Right On Crime’s Liberty Action Agenda for Texas includes:

  • Civil Asset Forfeiture;
  • Sandra Bland;
  • Grand Jury; Law of Parties;
  • Second Look;
  • Clean Slate; No Knock;
  • Raise the Age;
  • Expanding Preventive Detention.

Texas is blazing the trail when it comes to conservative criminal justice reform, learn what that means from our executive director:

Nikki Pressley

Texas State Director for Right On Crime

Pressley is a native Texan, currently based in Austin. She graduated from the University of North Texas with a B.S. in Human Development and Family Science, and an M.S. in Educational Psychology, with a concentration in Family Policy and Program Administration. While pursuing her graduate degree, she began interning at the Foundation to work on the child and family policy team. After interning, she continued her work as a Policy Analyst, focusing on various issues including child welfare, human trafficking, and juvenile justice.

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Texas has always been a leader in criminal justice reform. We must continue to push for reforms that protect constitutional rights, improve public safety, and rehabilitate offenders.