The Issue

Too often correctional expertise is lost amongst the amplification of draconian political agendas that sound tough but fail to provide public safety outcomes. While correctional leaders bear the brunt of bad criminal justice policy, their measure of success is ensuring individuals leave better than when they entered. Judges and prosecutors do not bear the same responsibility where rehabilitation is concerned.

The Correctional Leadership Network will work to amplify the experience, best practices, and expertise of correctional officers, probation and parole supervisors, and programming experts who are often not afforded proportional weight during policy discussions to that of their prosecutorial, judicial, and law enforcement counterparts.

Scott Peyton, Correctional Director for Right On Crime

Right On Crime’s Correctional Leadership Network amplifies the voice of corrections experts from across the country in the reform debate around criminal justice policy.

These stakeholders are best positioned to speak to the efficacy of rehabilitation toward recidivism reduction and achieving public safety.

Through policy discussions, advocacy, podcasts, and events across the nation with state correctional leaders, Right On Crime’s Correctional Leadership Network will ensure that correctional expertise is properly weighed in the national debate around criminal justice policy with the ultimate goal to support public safety.





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